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Temple tours in Goa  
Temples in Goa are an important part of its socio-cultural life. However centuries under the Portuguese rule played a major role in the destruction and displacement of many temples especially in the areas of the Old Conquests in the early years. One therefore finds the majority of Hindu Temples relocated in Ponda Taluka today.

The temples of Goa are in essence like most Hindu temples in India, based around a deity which is worshipped. The architecture of Goan temples is a little different mostly because of historical reasons.

The basic Hindu temple architecture  

The fundamental design of any Hindu temple is organized around the central shrine or the "Garbagriha" or the "sanctum sanctorum" that houses the main deity. A tower or "Shikara" arises from the main shrine and is traditionally pyramidal shaped. There are usually two or more smaller shrines housing other deities known as "Parivar Devatas" around the entrance to the Garbagriha. There is always a surrounding free area or a passage around the Garbagriha that is kept free for a an essential Puja ritual known as "Pradakshina" performed by almost every devotee. This is the ritualistic left sided circum-ambulation around the shrine usually an odd number of times.

The "Garbagriha" is accessed via a large hall with pillars and walls either carved with religious motifs or scenes from the mythology pertaining to the deity. This hall is usually known as the "Mandapa".

The "Mandapa" opens to the outer courtyard or "Prakara" where usually a statue of a mythical animal or Vehicle of the deity is placed. There may also be a sacred plant the "Tulsi" or one of the sacred trees usually either a Pepul or a Banyan tree with some small artifacts or statues of more deities at its base.

The courtyard also might open into a large water tank or the side of a river or stream or "Tirthastan". This is where devotees take their their ritualistic cleansing bath before entering the temple on festival or auspicious days. See some examples of "Tirthastan" , at some of Goa's most famous temples.

The courtyard sometimes also is common to the residence of the head priest and also other halls where devotees stay commonly known as "Dharmasalas" and sometimes perform ceremonies like marriages and thread ceremonies.

Temples of North Goa  

Shree Saptakoteshwar Temple, Narve
Shree Mahalaxmi Temple, Panaji
Shree Kalikadevi, Kansarpal
Shree Hanuman Temple, Mapusa
Shree Dattatraya Temple, Mapusa
Shree Shantadurga Temple, Pernem
Shree Devi Shravani, Advopal
Shree Sapteshwar-Bhagwati Temple, Mandrem
Shree Mahadev Bhumika, Sal
Shree Vittal Mandir, Sanquelim
Shree Dattatraya Temple, Sanquelim
Shree Rudreshwar Temple, Arvalem
Shree Brahma Temple, Carambolim
Shree Gomateshwar Devasthan, Brahmapur
Shree Kamakshi Temple, Shiroda
Shree Gopal Ganapathi, Farmagudi
Shree Mhalasa Narayani Temple, Mardol
Shree Mangueshi Temple, Mangueshi-Priol
Shree Laxminarsimha Temple, Nagueshi
Shree Mahalaxmi Temple, Bandode
Shree Ramnathi Temple, Ramnathi
Shree Devkrishna-Ravalnath, Marcela
Shree Shantadurga Temple, Kavlem
Shree Morajaee Temple, Pernem
Shree Bhagwati Temple, Pernem
Shree Betal Temple, Pernem
Shree Sanusthan Goudpadacharya, Kavlem
Shree Navdurga Temple, Madkai

Temples of South Goa  

Shree Damodar Temple, Zambaulim
Shree Chandranath Temple, Paroda
Shree Navdurga Temple, Borim
Shree Shantadurga Temple, Fatorpa
Shree Mahadeva Temple, Tambdi Surla
Shree Mallikarjun Temple, Canacona
Shree Sanusthan Parthagali, Parthagali
Shree Damodar Temple, Vasco Da Gama

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